Are you the Property Owner or Managing Agent of a building or complex? Did you know that it is you who is legally responsible for ensuring that all Fire Fighting Equipment on site, in particular the Dry Riser System, is serviced and maintained annually? The responsibility falls on you to provide the local authorities with a valid Test Certificate for any Dry Riser Systems on site.

British Fire Safety Legislation states that all Dry Riser Systems require a full system wet pressure test annually and recommend a six monthly visual inspection, in accordance with British Standard Code of Practice BS9990:2006. Failure to carry out such testing and maintenance can result in invalidated insurance and prosecution.

Southern Dry Riser Testing Ltd specialise in the testing and maintenance of Dry Riser Systems. We are based in Hampshire and have the resources to provide our services throughout the entire U.K mainland.

Dry Risers
If any firefighting facilities are left without regular maintenance and testing, are there any guarantees that it will perform as it should if or when it is required?
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We can help you ensure your dry riser inlets and pipe systems are in accordance with current legislation. Contact us now for advice and no obligation quotes.
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About Us
Southern Dry Riser Testing Ltd aim to provide our clients with a reliable, professional and rigorous testing and maintenance programme for Dry Riser Systems, which is fully compliant with current Fire Safety Legislation and surpasses the standards of our competitors.
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