The current British Standard for Dry Riser Systems states that each Dry Riser System undergoes a wet pressure test annually and recommends a visual inspection every 6 months. This is to ensure that the Dry Riser System is fully operational and ready for immediate use in an emergency situation.

Southern Dry Riser Testing Ltd provides a hydrostatic wet pressure test service which includes a comprehensive inspection of the Dry Riser System. We follow this up with a Wet Pressure test routing water through one of our Fire Service standard water pumps into the Dry Riser pipe and charging the system to a pressure of 10bar (145 psi). The Dry Riser pipe system must be able to maintain and withstand the 10bar pressure for a minimum 15 minutes thus indicating a functioning system with no leaks from joints or valves.

Southern Dry Riser Testing Ltd use high grade equipment and our specialist water pumps allow us to carry out the testing of Dry Riser Systems in a safe and efficient manner.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing an unbeatable standard of Dry Riser maintenance; ultimately providing our clients with cost effective service and saving on costly repair works.

On completion of a test, Southern Dry Riser Testing Ltd will provide clients with a full report and a Test Certificate indicating that the Dry Riser System meets the current required standards under BS9990/2006 guidelines. Should there be any issues requiring attention, one of our Test Engineers will endeavour to contact the client, whilst still on site, outlining any remedial work required (inc photo evidence wherever possible) and act on instruction to get the Dry Riser system through its test successfully, therefore saving money by avoiding unnecessary re-test fees and inconvenience.

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